Roles in Musixmatch

Community is at the heart of what we do here at Musixmatch. You know that feeling when a lyric perfectly captures your mood, and you want to share it with a friend? That’s the feeling we want to spread all over the world, and our fantastic community of music lovers makes this wish a reality! Keep reading to learn about the variety of paths we have for our users, and the great opportunities that come with them.


You may be at the beginning of your Musixmatch journey, but you're already a valued member of the team, where music fanatics share their love for lyrics with the world! There are so many great opportunities awaiting you, but there’s also plenty you can do right now:

Community’s benefits:

  • Gained access to the Musixmatch catalog of lyrics
  • Ability to save lyrics to your favorite songs
  • Gained access to the Musixmatch Community Slack channel

How to get there?

You’re already there! But you can get more involved by joining the Musixmatch Community Slack channel. Connect with other music lovers here!


The Musixmatch Academy is the key to unlocking greater contribution potential, and is open for all users to take whenever they want! Passing the Academy and becoming a graduate will get you a shiny new badge to show off, and put you well on your way to the next role, and the privileges that come with it…

Graduates’ Benefits:

  • Receive the Musixmatch Academy Certificate
  • Receive the Academy Badge and label on your profile page
  • Receive extra points 
  • Gain greater publishing power in contributing lyrics

Learn more about the Musixmatch Academy here!


Curators are among the most passionate and active community members we have and we’re delighted to have them. They are selected on the merit of their contributions and their activity within the community. It’s a real achievement to make it onto the Curator team, and boy is it worth it! 

Curators’ Benefits:

  • Curator label on your profile
  • Gain access to the Musixmatch Curator Slack
  • Free subscription to Musixmatch Premium
  • Access to paid missions
  • Greater publishing power, including ability to verify/reject lyrics

A Curator’s status reflects the quality of their lyrics, and this is a quality that needs to be maintained! Curator status’ can and will be revoked if necessary. More on this here

How to get there?

  • Must have already passed the Musixmatch Academy
  • Unlock at least one of these badges: Scribbler, Sheriff, Metronome, or Adventurer
  • Continue to contribute following our Writing Guidelines until we send you the Curator test 
  • Take the Test 

Users who pass the Curators test will be notified via email within 7 days and will then have full access to all the Curators’ privileges. Find more information about the Curator’s journey here


Specialists truly are special (the clue’s in the name!) They are hand-picked for the consistent quality of their contributions, and for the support and encouragement they give to other community members. They do spectacular work and Musixmatch thanks them with a variety of extra perks and rewards. 

Specialists’ Benefits:

  • Access to a wider range of missions for paid contributions
  • Higher rewards for missions completed
  • Highest contributing power, including ability to lock lyrics from future edits
  • Access to exclusive Specialists’ Slack Channel and extra projects
  • Direct contact with Musixmatch Staff

How to get there?

Specialists are so special that there’s not yet an automized process for selecting them.

They are recruited based on the needs of their language, usually at the rate of two or three per month.

Eligible Specialists will be:

  • Easily approachable and readily available via Slack
  • Great mentors - helpful and positive influences on their language communities
  • Reliable: their lyrics will be perfect across all four areas of contribution: Transcribe, Format, Sync, and Structure
  • Mission-focused: they will prioritize the missions when contributing

Find more info and get in touch with your Language Specialist here!

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