A Guide To Lyrics Corrections Requests

If you find errors or completely wrong lyrics and are unable to edit them directly, you can make a report via the #lyrics-corrections channel in the Slack Curator Workspace.

There are different approaches for reporting and correcting locked lyrics depending on where and who they come from…

If you find locked lyrics with errors outside the mission

Report via the #lyrics-corrections channel on the Curator Slack Channel, providing the following information:

  • Song link
  • Description of corrections needed. (This can be either a short example for isolated issues, or a full corrected transcription for more general issues)

And we'll then get to getting the lyrics fixed!

In cases where the previous transcription came from a currently active Specialist, you should reach out to them directly via DM.

Some examples of well-built requests... 

If you find locked lyrics with errors inside the mission

Report via the #lyrics-corrections channel on the Curator Slack Channel, providing the following information:

  • Song Abstrack and mission task link
  • Confirmation of the issue

We’ll then unlock it for you, allowing you to make your own corrections via the mission

An example of a well-built request

A note... 🎵

If you find locked lyrics previously contributed by a Verified Artist…

Please note that we may not be able to make all the corrections requested. As a rule we try to avoid editing such lyrics, as in theory, artists should know their own lyrics! If you see significant errors within a Verified Artist track (missing lyrics, romanization, completely wrong lyrics), however, please let us know using the reporting methods noted above.

Tracks with many translations are also likely to be difficult to correct. Please consider this when making your requests

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