Translations: How to solve the main issues?

In the following list, you can find the errors you may experience when translating lyrics on our Musixmatch Studio or on our App.

At the end of the article, there is also a section that is dedicated to Curators working on Missions.

For anyone translating

Wrong language in your settings

When you want to translate from one language to another, always make sure that both languages are selected in your profile settings.


  1. Select Contribute
  2. Edit profile
  3. Select your native language and other languages you speak

Musixmatch Website:

  1. Select your profile on the top right of the home page
  2. Edit Profile
  3. Select your native language and other languages you speak

Error while saving: sv_translate

We recommend you click " Try again" a few times or try again later.

In case you encounter other error messages like tr_generic, tc_generic or pl_generic, we have an article dedicated to these error messages.

My Translation has only been partially published

Whenever you add a translation our system performs a compatibility check between the original transcription and the translation.

If you see that some lines that you translated are greyed out, it can mean that our system is still working on the compatibility check so we recommend you take a look again later.

If some of the translated lines fail our compatibility, those will not be published.

For Translation Curators working in Missions:

I think the Transcription could be improved, should I also edit that?

Before being assigned for translation, all transcriptions are verified by a team of senior Curators and the quality should meet the standard set by our writing guidelines

While we appreciate you going the extra mile, we prefer you to focus on the translation mission and leave the original transcription as it is.

I have opened the Translation Mission but it was already completed

Sometimes it can happen that a Mission that was assigned to you was already assigned to someone else.

Don't worry about that :), you can just skip that mission and move to the next one.

I sent the Translation but the Mission stays "In Progress"

This unfortunately can happen sometimes, it is a known bug.

When I send the translation, a message appears saying "There are issues with the lyrics"

Please follow the instructions of the curator studio assistant, adjust the lyrics and send the translation again.

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