How to create a lyric video

How to access the tool

This is a brief guide on how to get started with the lyric video tool.

Demo video

Choose a song

In order to work, the tool requires one or more verified artists and one or more songs that have at least one verified lyrics with line-by-line sync.

If one or more songs are not available, you can:

Provide a valid audio file

When you access the tool, you may be prompted to insert a valid audio file because the lyric videos app needs an mp3 uploaded in order to produce a valid download of the file with the audio.

Click here to learn how to upload the audio file on the studio.

The tool

The tool interface is made of 2 areas:

  • the "preview" area, on the left, where you can choose the format of the video, preview it and choose the portion you want to export
  • the "customization" area, on the right, where you can manage your data and customize your video as you wish

Choose the format

In the preview area, you can choose the format of the video:

  • Portrait for Instagram and TikTok reels or YouTube shorts
  • Landscape for YouTube videos
  • Square for Instagram posts

Select the portion of the video

Below you can see the timeline of the songs, the volume settings and the "Trim" function.

Once activated, with the trim function, you can select the area you want to export by dragging the two handlers accordingly.

If you have already inserted the tag structure of the song, you can make use of it to speed up the selection (you can add the tags in the "manage data" section).

Manage data

If needed, by clicking on the manage data section, you can:

  • check the uploaded audio file
  • Adjust your line-by-line sync
  • Insert or update the song stucture (this is useful if you want to select specific part of the song, like the chorus or the verse)

Customization area

In the customization area you can choose:

  • the desired template
  • the lyrics animation
    • line by line
    • word by word, if available (you can currently activate the word by word sync only using our consumer app)
  • the lyrics position (only available for some templates)
  • the font style
  • the font alignment
  • the colors of the background and the font
  • the background image: by default we will use your cover image but you can also choose one of our preloaded background. You can also upload your own videos and images.
  • the dynamic blur
  • the graphic effects

How to upload your custom videos and images

In the Background area, you also have the option to upload your custom videos and images.

We currently accept: .jpeg .png .mp4 .mov

Max. video file size: 50MB.Max and max image file size: 5MB.

The Suggested resolutions are:1920x1080, 1080x1920, 1080x1080.

Download the video

Once you are satisfied with the preview, you can then export the video and download it, by accepting our Terms and conditions.

We will start processing your video and you can choose to wait until it is available or close the window and create another video, as we will send the video to your email once it is ready.

The maximum duration included in your subscription is 30 seconds in HD resolution (1080x1920 pixel). We also offer full videos on demand for an additional price.


  • coming soon!
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