Introducing the Academy!

Welcome to the Musixmatch Academy, the perfect place to quickly develop your understanding of the Musixmatch Writing Guidelines.

What’s it all about?

We created the Academy to give music lovers a fun and fast way to learn everything they need to know to make top quality lyrics contributions. Our 4 interactive lessons will guide you through musical examples, top tips, and bite-size pointers, making sure you’re ready to reap the rewards that arrive alongside Academy Graduation.

Tell me more, why should I take the Academy?

Think of the Academy as the key to the door of boosted contribution powers and opportunities.

Among the many benefits of Academy Graduation are:

  • A personalized graduation certificate
  • A total of 5 new and exclusive badges
  • Additional points
  • Access to tests for higher roles
  • The satisfaction of being a Guideline expert!

Sounds great, but how long will it take me?

Each of the 4 lessons (Lyrics, Sync, Translate, and Tagging) last under 5 minutes each, meaning you can be enjoying all the benefits of Academy Graduation after just 20 minutes!

I’m sold! How can I take the Academy?

That’s the spirit! Check out the Academy and get ready to enrich your Musixmatch experience!

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