What if I got downgraded before receiving my reward?

We naturally hope that no Curators or Specialists will need to be downgraded, but in cases where it is a necessity, the status of pending rewards will depend on the nature of the downgrade.

If you received a temporary downgrade…

  • Your pending rewards will be paused until you’re able to regain your Curator status and access to the mission system.
  • You’ll have this opportunity 60 days after your status was downgraded.
  • After regaining your status, you’ll be able to complete further missions until you reach the task threshold to receive your reward.
  • You’ll know if your downgrade is temporary because you’d have received confirmation via email that you can regain your status after the 60-day cool-down period.

If you received a permanent downgrade…

  • Any pending rewards will not be delivered, as the reasons behind your downgrade will have been severe enough to mean we’re unable to ensure the quality of previously completed contributions, and therefore can’t reward them.
  • You’ll know if your downgrade is permanent because you’d have received an email confirming so. 
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