What are Musixmatch Assistant Accounts?

Assistant Accounts are Musixmatch owned and aim to support contributors in their curation of lyrics transcriptions, syncs, translations, and more. There are several accounts with different specific functions. You can find a run-down of the most important ones below.

The Sync Assistant

  • Provides auto-generated syncs, both letter-by-letter and word-by-word, for contributors to work from
  • Syncs coming from the Sync Assistant Account can be edited by all users who have gained a Curator status

The Translation Assistant

  • Provides auto-generated translations
  • Translations coming from the Translation Assistant can be edited by all users who have gained a Curator status (Lyrics Curators and/or Translation Curators)

The Structure Assistant

  • Verifies the Structure tags attributed to a song

As well as these examples, there are a number of other Assistant Accounts spanning over the various areas of Musixmatch contributions. If you'd like further information on any account you may see mentioned in contribution credits, you can reach out to one of our Community Slack Moderators for more info!

All Musixmatch Assistant Accounts are clearly labelled with informative avatars. They are also hidden in contribution leaderboards in order to ensure that our hard-working contributors are rightfully shone in the most celebratory light.

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