A Guide to the Reporting Member Channel

It’s a passionate dedication to quality that keeps the Musixmatch catalogue of song-data something we can be proud of. This dedication to quality is also what inspires our wonderful community of Curators to perfect the contributions to their favorite songs and their lyrics. Nobody’s perfect, however, and this is something that we should all be aware of. Anyone can make mistakes, and it’s for that reason that we’ve devised a system for support and mentoring, to make sure everyone has the means to do their very best. We’ve also developed processes for the rare cases where this mentoring is ineffective, and further action is needed. If you notice a contribution that doesn’t display the high quality we strive for, we encourage you to take the following steps:

  1. Consider the nature of the error(s) you’ve found.

    Is it something that suggests a slight/honest deviation from the Writing Guidelines, or an intentional attempt to rush the task/abuse the mission system? Examples of the former could be misheard lyrics, and formatting, grammar, structural based issues. Examples of the latter could be working in non-native languages, hit saving, and false instrumental markings.

  2. If the former, reach out to the contributor on one of our Community Slack workspaces.

    The aim is to gently inform them of and explain the errors made, and encourage them to make adjustments going forward. (If you can’t find them in the workspace, check out this guide)

  3. If the latter, directly create a post on the #Reporting-Members channel.

    Find below a guide on how to build your report:

A - Make sure you name the user, and provide the link to their profile included as a hyperlink

B - Give a brief description of the errors made (making sure to specify if you’ve spoken to them previously about them)

C - Provide the hyperlink to an example of a contribution from the user that accurately presents the errors mentioned. Make sure you’ve saved your corrections to the song before building your report. We’ll always need a corrected example in order to take action, so this step is very important to make sure everybody is using their time efficiently! (We’ll still be able to see the user’s replaced correction even after you’ve saved your corrections, so don’t worry about that!)

  1. Send the report and wait for a moderator’s response!

    We prioritize reports to this channel, and will respond as soon as possible. Depending on the case, we’ll then either send a warning to the user, or directly downgrade their status. In the most ‘minor’ cases, we may encourage you to instead contact the user directly (following step 2).

A note… 🎵

Whether contacting contributors personally or reporting them via the channel, it’s very important that your language and tone is considered and appropriate. Even in cases with extreme issues, aggressive messages are not supported; their only result is to damage the integrity and environment of our community spaces. Speak to others as you’d like to be spoken to, and remember there’s always a person behind the other screen! We should also all be actively ready and willing to hear the feedback of others. Try not to be defensive, and remember that we're all here with the same goal, to curate accurate and high-quality lyrics contributions.

✅ An example of appreciate language and tone:

❌ As opposed to:

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