How can I add collaborators in my Musixmatch Pro account?

Manage my company is a new feature included in all our Pro Plans for Labels.

This feature allows a Musixmatch Pro account owner to request the addition of 1 or more collaborators.

What will your collaborator be able to do?

The collaborator will be able to contribute to the lyrics of the artists in the roster.

How can the Musixmatch account owner add collaborators?

  1. Click on your profile picture
  2. Click on "Manage my Company"
  3. Select "Invite a member"
  4. Insert the email and Send!

đź”– In order to add a collaborator to your Roster, the collaborator will also need to create an account on Musixmatch Pro!

Here you can invite a member
Add the email address of the collaborator

What happens after you send a request to add a collaborator?

Our team will approve your request in just a couple of days.

Once approved, you will see your collaborators added in the “Manage my Company” page on Musixmatch Pro.

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