What are the Mission rules?

1) Respect the Musixmatch writing guidelines

The Musixmatch Team will check your work pending the mission and after the deadline.

In order to get the mission reward, you must follow our writing guidelines.

Here are the main rules:

  • Always listen to the song. Don’t assume lyrics on other sites are correct. 
  • Transcribe all lyrics, even when a section is repeated
  • Transcribe the lyrical audio content only

   >   NO comments like "Intro", "Chorus", "Spoken", Artist names and so on

  • Transcribe lyrics in their native scripts

   >   NO romanized version.  

  • View the complete writing guidelines here: 

   > Our Writing Guidelines

      At the bottom right of the same page you'll find all the translations we have available.

2) Be careful of the deadline

You can find the deadline in the user dashboard and inside the mission page

3)  Work on quality

If you have a doubt, skip to the next song and cancel the task.

We don’t accept question mark (?) or an empty space when you don’t understand a word.

The following rules are applied immediately when a Curator is not following the Writing Guidelines during Missions.

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