Can curator privileges and status be revoked?

Yes, sure.

The Lyrics Curators have to set an example for the community. 

Curators can receive (by Slack or by email) different warnings from the Musixmatch Team if:

  • They don't respect the writing guidelines
  • They are inactive for over 6 months
  • They use inappropriate or offensive language
  • They are not available on Slack or don't reply to emails sent by the Musixmatch Content Team
  • They get a high number of complaints
  • They publish Curator test answers online, or otherwise compromise the test in any way.
  • They have multiple curator accounts  
  • They submit lyrics with mistakes in a non-native language

The curator status, along with its privileges, will be revoked from Lyrics Curators who have committed one of the above offences. Depending on the severity of the issue, the curator will receive either 0, 1, or 2, warnings before their status is downgraded.

The following rules are applied immediately when a Curator is not following the Writing Guidelines during Missions.

Eventual pending payments, obtained with the Missions, will be on hold.

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