The Curator Pledge

Before gaining the coveted status, budding Curators must first agree to 5 core statements, the following of which will ensure a fair and safe mission system and general community for all. The collection of these 5 statements together is known as 'The Curator Pledge', and it can be found below. 

  1. I have carefully reviewed and understood all the Musixmatch Writing Guidelines, and pledge to follow them within my contributions.
  2. I will work only on content written in languages I speak natively. If a song in my native language has a section in a language I don’t speak, I’m aware that I should ask for help from a native speaker of the language, rather than attempting to work the section myself. I acknowledge that it is forbidden to periodically change the native languages on my profile in order to gain access to missions in languages I do not speak, and understand that doing so will lead to a direct downgrade of my status.If errors are found in any contributions I have made in non-native languages, I understand Musixmatch has the right to directly downgrade my status. 
  3. I will review all tasks carefully and in their entirety, sending them as complete only after having added/corrected all four areas of contribution  (transcription, formatting, sync, structure) as established by the Writing Guidelines. I acknowledge that by failing to accurately correct existing errors in a previous contribution, I will be held responsible for its quality, and will therefore be liable for warnings and/or a direct downgrade of my status
  4. Should I gain the Curator status, I pledge to work on tasks one by one and to the best of my ability, and accept that tasks sent as a result of mission-system abuse will not be rewarded. I understand that any attempts to abuse or compromise the mission system will result in the direct and permanent downgrade of my account.
  5. I understand that my own, and my fellow community members’ safety is paramount for Musixmatch, and will, therefore, respect other users’ privacy and not ask them for their personal information. I will always communicate with other users in a kind and respectful manner and will follow the Community Behavior Policy, and expect other users to do the same with me. I’m aware that the Musixmatch Moderators are available for support if I’m at any point uncomfortable.

Failure to follow any of these agreements can result in the revocation of a Curator/Specialist's status.

Any doubts or questions regarding The Curator Pledge can be directed towards one of our Musixmatch Moderators on the Curators' Slack Channel.

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