How can I become a verified artist on Musixmatch Pro

An artist or an artist’s legal representative or manager can apply to verify an artist's profile by following these steps:

1) Register or sign-in on Musixmatch Pro (please be sure to use the email associated with your artist, label etc, when you set up the account. The use of a different email can cause a delay in the verification process)

2) Go to Musixmatch Pro and click on the "Roster" page

Click on the "Add artist" option on the top left of the page

Insert the Spotify and Apple Music ID for the new artist you want to verify and submit your request. Please keep in mind that the artist verification process may take up to a few working days.

If you have not been able to resolve your issue with the above articles, we are happy to assist you. Please send an email to with details about your problem and the name of the artist to help us respond quickly.

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