How to add and verify an artist profile on Musixmatch Pro?

An artist or an artist’s legal representative or manager can apply to verify an artist's profile.

It can happen that we need to do further investigations in order to authorize you to manage the artist profile. If you claim to be the manager or affiliated with a record label, but does not possess the corresponding email address, always CC the label or the artist in the email.

Anyone found not to be the legal representation will be removed from the platform and/or legal actions will be taken based on our T&C’s.

You can follow these steps:

1) Register or sign-in on Musixmatch Pro (please be sure to use the email associated with your artist, label etc, when you set up the account. The use of a different email can cause a delay in the verification process)

2) Go to Musixmatch Pro and click on the "Roster" page and click on the "Add artist" option on the top left of the page

3) Search for your artist by name and submit the request

Please keep in mind that the artist verification process may take up to a few working days.

If you cannot find it with the name, you can also provide us the link.

Insert the Spotify and Apple Music ID for the new artist you want to verify and submit your request. Please keep in mind that the artist verification process may take up to a few working days.

What if I only have a Spotify or an Apple Music artist profile, and not both?

Please fill in this support form and provide us the link to your Spotify or Apple Music artist profile.

Our Customer support team will assist you in the verification process.

What if my request does not get approved?

You will receive an email explaining to you why and giving you further instructions.

Please read the instructions carefully and take the necessary actions before submitting it again.

How do I remove an artist from my Roster?

If you need to remove an artist from your roster, please fill in this support form.

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