I see songs in languages I don't know. What should I do?

Musixmatch boasts an international community, as a result some users have identified two or even three native languages in their profiles.

Sometimes this choice proves problematic in the Missions: if there are several native languages linked to your profile, the system will present you with songs from all of them even though you're focused on one language.

At the same time, not selecting any language on your profile is as much as problematic.

This can also result in being shown songs in languages you don't actually know, or didn't necessarily sign up for.

The best way to solve these issues is to select just one native language when you subscribe or to change your current profile settings (If you've already selected more than one native language)

How can you do this?

You can change your profile settings from the Musixmatch website

Follow these steps:

1. Click here and see your Musixmatch Profile

2. Tap on "Edit Profile"

3. Select your native language only (or the language you want to work on if you are really confident about it)

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