Locked Lyrics for artists - Why can't I edit the lyrics in a song?

You may find that when you want to curate a song, you cannot edit the lyrics because there is a Lock icon next to the Lyrics tab.

Locked Lyrics for Artists who did not complete the verification of their account

At Musixmatch, our commitment to quality and authenticity drives every aspect of our operations. This commitment extends to guaranteeing that only the rightful owners have control over their artistic creations.

The identification process aims to improve trust and safety across all Musixmatch environments and additional protections for all the artists that want to manage their lyrics.

Please read more on how to verify your account on this article.

Locked Lyrics for Featured songs

There’s an important update regarding the editing process for songs with featured artists.

In the past, you've had the flexibility to edit the lyrics of your collaborative songs directly.

However, to ensure the integrity of the work and the rights of all artists involved, direct lyric edits to songs with featured artists are now restricted. This change is designed to protect the creative contributions of both the primary and featured performers.

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