How can I correct errors I find in lyrics?

While we’re immensely proud of the quality of our content, we’re aware that occasional errors may creep into otherwise fantastic lyrics, syncs, and translations; nobody is perfect! Naturally, when you find a mistake in a song you love, the first thing you want to do is correct it. Read below to find out the various options for correcting content on Musixmatch.

Correct wrong lyrics if you are the artist of the song

If you have already verified your artist on Musixmatch Pro, you can edit the lyrics in the Roster tab.

If you haven't verified your artist yet, take a look at this FAQ on how to become a verified artist on Musixmatch.

Correct wrong lyrics if you are a member of our community

It all essentially comes down to your role, and the permissions that role awards you.

In order to ensure the quality of our lyrics catalog, the most flexible editing permissions are reserved for the most experienced and awarded contributors.

However, even from your first day at Musixmatch there are steps you can take to contribute to the quality of the songs you love. See below, and see how!

  1. Join our Musixmatch Community Slack Channel. It contains all kinds of users, many of which will be able and willing to help you make desired corrections. There is a dedicated channel called "lyrics-review-assistance"
  2. Take the Musixmatch Academy. This is your first step towards making the corrections for yourself!
  3. Become a Curator. This will raise your editing permissions to the extent that you’ll be able to correct any song that has not been verified by a Specialist or Staff member.
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