Apps localization: getting started

Volunteer translators make it possible for us to make Musixmatch available in many languages around the world.

Thank you for your interest and contributions!
You are helping to make Musixmatch be global and usable by millions of people from different countries.

If you've got foreign language skills and you are a Musixmatch lover, apply to join our Translator Community!

Here's how to get involved

1. Sign up or log in to

We're using to manage translations on the website and mobile apps.

You can sign up for the Android, iOS, or other Musixmatch projects.


2. Select the language you are going to translate into

Click on the flag of the language you'd like to help write translations for.


3. Select the file you are going to translate into

You can see the percentage that each file in these folders has been translated.
Click on the file you want to contribute to.


4. Start translating

After translating a string, click confirm to save it.

Once the files have been fully translated into a language, makes them available for verification.
You'll need to first contact us at in order for us to grant you reviewer privileges.

Translation Proofreaders for app translations

⭐️ Are you also a real Musixmatch lover? Do you use Musixmatch like a pro? Apply to become a proofreader! ⭐️

Apply as Proofreader here.

Then you can help verify translations by clicking on your preferred language in the voting section.


Click on the file you want to review, selecting the Proofreading Mode.


If a translated string looks correct, click the '✓'

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