Beta Program: how can I participate?

Are you interested in becoming a Beta tester?

We are looking for enthusiastic Musixmatch lovers to give us feedback on our app (translation typos or improvement suggestions included).

As a beta tester, you’ll be able to use the next version of the Musixmatch app and try out our cool new features before its official release 🚀

We'll also count on you to provide feedback on new features and report bugs.

Requirements for participants in the Beta Program:

  • Test the app on each new beta release following our required tests when described
  • Report issues experienced (crashes, visual glitches, slowness, and so on) on our Slack workspace in the #beta-questions channel 
  • Stay up to date with the latest beta version
  • Complete surveys within 1 week
  • Submit suggestions and ideas to improve the app


For Android:

Click here to join our Beta Program. You can also click join on the Google Play Store to enable the beta version to download. Now download Musixmatch from the Play Store to update your app.

Report all bugs to

Note: you can leave the Beta Program at any time. Simply select Quit the test version in the Play Store. 

For iOS:

Please join the iOS Beta Program by opening the following link from your mobile. 

You will get to download the testflight app and through it, you will gain access to the Musixmatch beta.

We appreciate and rely on your feedback

Thank you! 💫

Do you have questions, doubts, or bugs to report?:

Please, join us on Slack in the #beta-questions channel, and let us know more.

This is very important for us, so don't be shy!

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