I'm a new Lyrics Curator on Musixmatch: what should I do?

Are you a new Lyrics Curator?

First of all, congratulations! Musixmatch's community is composed of millions of users and you're among the best, called Lyrics Curators.

Lyrics Curators are the most passionate and active community members, selected by the Musixmatch internal team based on the merit of their contributions. They have been spotted for the high quality of their transcribed lyrics, and their commitment to the Musixmatch mission (build the world's largest lyrics catalogue).

You'd have received a welcome email and an invitation on Slack. 

And now?

Now you have duties and honors!


You're an ambassador to one of the biggest and best music catalogues in the world. This is why you have to:

  • Respect and follow our Writing Guidelines. Always listen to the song.
  • Prioritize quality. The community trusts you, set an example for them.
  • Use your mother tongue first. Only add and review lyrics you are comfortable with and always prioritize your mother tongue.
  • Complete the lyrics process. A lyric is completed when it's published and synchronized. If you're able to synchronize the lyrics, do it! Your synch will have a higher value.
  • Be active. You're expected to help other members on the Forum and participate on Slack, a channel where you can communicate with the Musixmatch Content Team and other Lyrics Curators worldwide


  • Become Premium Musixmatch member
  • Get special rewards and Musixmatch gadgets
  • Access to the Musixmatch Moderation forum
  • Access to Musixmatch Community Slack
  • Publish lyrics without the community approval
  • Accept, reject and edit lyrics (except for locked lyrics)
  • Validate Lyrics
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