Why my points, badges and status are different?

There are 2 possible reasons:

  1. You have a duplicate account that was created by log in with a different log in method. Log out and log in selecting the log in option where you gained your points, badges and status
  2. You are using a different email to log in
  3. You were a Curator, but you were downgraded

Please remember that there are 4 login options: Facebook, Google, Apple ID, and your personal email.

Each login method corresponds to a different account. 

If you created multiple accounts via different methods (i.e. 1 Facebook and 1 Google), you'll have multiple different accounts.

Please be aware that we cannot transfer any data (badges, test results, points, etc) between accounts. For example, if you've gained badges and points with Apple ID, Google, etc..., they remain with that account and are not transferrable to another account. 

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