What are the advantages of Musixmatch Pro?

Designed by artists, for artists, Musixmatch Pro is the go-to destination for lyrics and credits management. Musixmatch Pro empowers you to distribute your lyrics across all major digital streaming services and social networks so that you can showcase your work, boost your career, and grow your audience with ease.

Here’s how it works.

Build your creator profile

Build a creator profile which showcases everything you’ve worked on and who you’ve worked with. Think of it as an online resume, like an IMDB page or LinkedIn profile for music creators that artists and anyone who collaborates with them (producers, engineers, songwriters, musicians, etc) can all have their own version of.

Verify your artist profile

Next up, verify your artist profile on Musixmatch Pro. While your creator profile lists everything you’ve worked on as an individual, your artist profile represents either your band or solo artist persona. By verifying your artist profile you will be able to claim ownership of songs you’ve written, composed, or collaborated on. Then you will be able to add, edit, and distribute your lyrics to all major digital streaming services and social networks like Spotify, Apple Music, Instagram, Amazon Music, and Google.

Edit your lyrics and distribute them everywhere

Musixmatch Pro gives you full control over your lyrics. Add, edit, translate, and sync your lyrics to make sure that everything is just as you want it to be. Then distribute them across all the major digital streaming services and social networks like Spotify, Apple Music, Instagram, Amazon Music, Google and many more to connect with fans and grow your audience. 

Add credits

Missing, incomplete, or incorrect metadata makes it difficult to link songs to their creators and contributors. With Musixmatch Pro, you can create your official music portfolio to showcase all the songs you worked on and who you worked on them with. You can also browse all of your work and credit yourself for the role you played. Having all your credits in one place with a verified and trustworthy digital identity makes it much easier to get recognized for your creations.

We couldn’t do this without you

We’re on a mission to make Musixmatch Pro the go-to platform that empowers music creators with full control over their creations and revenues, so that artists can keep doing what they love while receiving what they’re due. 

As the artist community, your feedback is an invaluable part of this journey, helping us design services that can make a real impact on your music careers.

If you have any suggestions for existing features or new ones, join our Slack Artist Community here and let us know!

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