Translation missions: what they are and how they work

Similar to Missions for lyrics, Translation Missions is a new project available via Musixmatch Studio for all the contributors that pass a test to certify their knowledge of two or more languages.

Ok, how do I get started?
  • Take the test now and become a Curator Translator. It is open for Graduates, Curators, and Specialists.
  • After this, you will need to log in to the Musixmatch Studio with the new credentials you received upon passing the test (remember, the Mission isn't currently supported on the app so make sure you log in from PC).
  • Check your languages on your profile
  • Pick a song and start translating!

If you have any issues along the process check out our other support articles!

Translator Curators will have higher editorial powers only on translations, don't confuse this role with the already existing ones (e.g. Curator or Specialist) which have their own processes for entry. Please note that the new Translator Curator account is only for use on translation tasks, and any attempts to use it for other types of tasks (Transcription, Sync, Proofreading, etc.) can result in warnings and losses of status.

The Translation Mission has: 

Fixed-price per task completed. Each song completed will unlock the payment shown.
Extra bonuses. Musixmatch will communicate the extra bonuses related to the missions when available.
A deadline. Normally the mission expires at the end of the month. 
No target to achieve. Within the deadline, you can complete as many tasks as you can
Status revocation policy: Translator Curators found to be contributing in a way that damages our lyrics catalog risk losing their status. Depending on the severity of the issue, they will receive either 0, 1, or 2, warnings before their status is downgraded. 
Monthly payment minimum threshold. Translator Curators who have accumulated at least 50$ will be eligible to receive their reward. If the curator fails to achieve the minimum threshold by the end of the month, Musixmatch will also consider these completed tasks (not paid) for when the minimum threshold is reached (50$).
Please note, that if you already have an existing Curator account, the payment information attached to it will be automatically applied also to the new Translation Curator account. If, however, you do not yet have a Curator account, you'll have to add your payment information directly to it.  
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